The Colour Yellow

April 2014





Spring is well and truly here in the UK and looking through my window I can see all the daffodils in my garden are in full bloom. It got me thinking about the colour yellow…

Yellow is the colour of the sun, it brings happiness, it radiates warmth and makes you smile. But it’s a colour that has positive as well as negative associations. It’s used for high visibility warning signs, traffic lights and taxis but is also associated with negative feelings and emotions such as cowardice – you can be describe someone as “yellow bellied”.

I read a fascinating book this month “Why are you wearing those colours” by Thelma Werff.

Thelma says that “wearing a yellow shirt or T-shirt says that you approach life with trust, joy and delight blessing you with a flexible and adaptable openness to new ideas. You are capable of making quick decisions and putting these into action, with the ability to share your acquired knowledge. You have high self-confidence and self-esteem making you articulate and self-assured. With this colour you share your positive and optimistic attitude with others.”

Colours are of course used to cure, too. Yellow is suitable for anorexia, digestive problems, liver, and stomach. It’s also good to clear your mind, to relax your nerves, and to be more organized. It helps you get focused. So from a decorating viewpoint – makes a great colour for a study or workspace.

A little book on my bookcase, called “The secrets of colour healing” by Stephen Norris says that you should avoid this colour if you have stomach problems, are feeling excitable or restless are stressed or unable to wind-down or if you have trouble sleeping.

Quite often ladies seem to shy away from this colour when it comes to clothes, and they often pull a face at all the variations while being draped during a colour analysis. But it’s surprising how much they like the colour on themselves once they’ve seen their best shade against their skin.

As I was researching the shops this week in preparation for a personal shopping client I was struck by the amount of yellow on the High Street. I can’t help thinking that the retailers will be left with masses of unsold items. This is of course where we can help…showing our clients their best shade of yellow.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article and would like to find out more about colour and which colours really suit you and how you can show other people to wear colour confidently – please contact us for more information on how you can train in Advanced Colour Analysis.