Classic Blue~Colour of the Year 2020

The International Colour Authority Pantone, has decided that Classic Blue is THE colour for 2020.

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

According to the Pantone Institute this colour “instils calm, confidence, and connection. This is an enduring blue hue which highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era“.

For those living on the coast you are surrounded by blue with the colour of the sea and the sky. It is thought to be the worlds favourite colour. In Japan , blue means fidelity and is a colour of good luck. While blue in Europe is often perceived as the colour of communication. This is a good reason for Her Majesty the Queen to choose this colour for 29% of her outfits. (According to Vogue magazine when they charted the colour of her outfits in the Jubilee Year.)

According to Karen Haller in her book The Little Book of Colour (Book Review here) “Blue affects our intellect. Its primary action is to trigger mental responses“.

Blue can make us wary when there is too much of it. We often consider blue food as unsafe. It’s also the colour most likely to suppress the appetite.

How to wear blue …

For those with a warm skin tone a basic navy blue works as a neutral for the spring skin tone. Near the face the light teals and turquoise will work better. Whereas the autumn skin tone will look best in a midnight blue for neutrals and an air-force blue nearer the face. Teal may work too.

For the cooler complexions – starting with winter, both basic blue and midnight blue work as neutrals. Azure and royal blue will work best nearer the face. The delicate colours that suit the summer complexion are full of blues which are equally their better neutrals: sapphire and Capri blues as well grey-blue and light blue.

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The Little Book of Colour

The Little Book of Colour is a new book for 2020 by Karen Haller. Like many of you with a fascination for colour, I am always on the lookout for new books to read on the subject. But as my bookshelves are full, I decided to download the kindle version of this book.

This book styles itself as the “definitive guide to using the power of colour to improve your happiness, well-being and confidence.”

The author, Karen Haller, builds on over 20 years of experience, of Applied Colour & Design Psychology. In this book she demonstrates the many practical ways in which you can use colour to transform your life. If you are updating your home decor or your wardrobe she gives you ideas to be inspired by the possibilities to:

-“Create a home that reflects your personality
-Grow your confidence in using colour
-Add colour to your workplace
-Choose clothes that express the true you
-Find your unique colour palette & design compatibility”

The blurb claims that this is the first book that mixes the science, psychology and emotional impact of colour, with Karen Haller taking you on a journey through rediscovering the joy of colour.

I found this book nicely written and easy to read – finishing it with two easy sessions in the evening. I can’t say that I learned anything new – but it’s a nice book to read if you are relatively new to the topic and a good refresher if you haven’t read much on colour psychology recently.

I did find it somewhat repetitive. There is obviously quite a bit of crossover between personal colour, the clothes in the wardrobe and the colours that you use in your home and at work…never the less I didn’t feel I’d wasted my money or my time. The hardback version is just £9.30 plus P&P and kindle £7.99. You can get a copy here: Enjoy!

If you would like t know more about Colour Analysis please see our article Seasonal Colour Analysis 101 . If you are looking for a Colour Analysis Course that you can learn at home at your own pace please see our page here.

Grey is the new black…

that is when it comes to choosing a car colour…although not if you live in Scotland where white is the new white.

Research published today shows that the popularity of grey has increased and surpassed the colour black for the first time. So if things are looking a bit grey around you when you are sitting in a traffic jam…it’s probably because they really are! By contrast silver…not unlike grey, a strong performer over several years, has now slipped out of its top 5 position.

According to Auto Car, of the 118 car colours available, English drivers registered 116 of them while Northern Irish consumers ordered only 53.

Another change in preferences happened with orange – up 37% year on year.

As a colour, orange is often used to draw attention to potential danger. Orange is used in traffic lights, as the second highest threat level in the USA and the black boxes on aircraft are in fact orange.

Orange has a high contrast on roads against blue grey asphalt, even in low light – so perhaps that is why people are choosing it – to be seen on the road.

There are so many interesting fact ot be discovered about colour and Kassia St Clair’s book “The Secret lives of Colour” is a lovely book to dip into and find out more about the origins and history of 75 shades, dyes and hues.

Periwinkle Blue In the News 2019

If you were asked to describe this colour you might call it lavender blue or pastel blue.

The name comes from a flower – the lesser periwinkle or myrtle herb (Vinca minor) and it’s a colour which falls between the blue and violet families.

It’s a relatively new colour as the first recorded use of periwinkle as a colour name in English was recorded in 1922.

Judy Garland wore this colour in the film “A Star is Born” in 1954 and if you’ve followed the Golden Globes 2019 you will have seen Lady Gaga wearing a fabulous Valentino gown in this shade, as homage to Judy.

Dessy Periwinkle Dress

It is very similar to the shade “Serenity” – pantone colour of the year in 2016 and it’s a popular choice for brides maid dresses.

If you’d like to try this shade without the Valentino price tag – you could try The Dessy Bridesmaid Dress Number 3014.

The Duchess of Cambridge has also worn a slightly stronger version of this colour to a friends wedding recently you can see an article here:

This colour will suit most skin tones. The brighter version worn by Lady Gaga will certainly flatter the Spring seasonal palette while the more muted colour worn by Judy (could be the age of the picture distorting the colour of the dress) will suit the Autumn skin tone. There are cool versions of this colour on both the Summer and the Winter fans. It can be paired with neutrals for shoes and accessories although complimentary apricot /peach shades work well for blusher, lipstick and nail varnish.

If you’d like to find out more about Colour Analysis and even train to be a Colour Consultant, you can find out more about Colour Analysis here.

Pantone Colour of 2019 Living Coral

Living Coral

Living Coral has been announced as the Pantone colour for 2019

“An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge” Pantone

Living Coral








I am thrilled that this is the colour of the year. Perhaps we could have predicted it! Opposite on the colour wheel to Ultraviolet and complimentary to the 2018 colour of the year – this is a hue that will suite so many people.

Its a colour that looks fabulous in a full length dress. A t-shirt or jumper. And of course Living Coral works well as an accent colour with blues and purples.

Easy to wear as a lipstick and pretty on spring and summer toes as nail varnish, this is a must have colour for any 2019 wardrobe.

Check out Chanel lipstick here look for Sari Dore and Teheran

Check out Opi Nail Varnish here look for Crawfishin and Santa Monica

Looking for a coral blusher the take a glance at NIP+FAB Make Up Blusher Palette in Blushed 1

Not sure whether this colour will suit you? Why not book a colour analysis with one of our qualified Colourflair consultants. Email us here to find out you local consultants details.

If you are interested in learning more about Colour Analysis, and training as a consultant please click here.

It’s going to be a lovely spring with Living Coral!




The Pantone Colour 2018 Ultraviolet

Pantone Colour 2018 Ultraviolet
Pantone Colour 2018 : Ultraviolet

Announced on 12th December the Pantone Colour 2018 is Purple or rather Ultraviolet.

It “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said by way of explanation.

It is found in the cosmos , the wellness movement (amethyst crystals) and was a favorite colour of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright” who, Ms. Eiseman said, used to wear a purple cape when he was trying to be creative.

5 Ways to wear Pantone Colour 2018 Ultraviolet

Pantone Colour of 2018 Ultraviolet

A quick search on the internet will give you plenty of inspiration and it’s not hard to find ultraviolet clothing or accessories.

  1. This is a bold colour and you’ll certainly be the centre of attention in any room wearing ultraviolet. If you wear it head to toe, the pantone colour 2018 can be a little overwhelming. But it does work well as a monochrome outfit, like a dress.
  2. It can be teamed very successfully with other colours such as apricots and oranges and violet/pinks.
  3. You can also add a splash of colour with accessories such as shoes and sunglasses or with a handbag
  4. Add a hint of ultraviolet in your jewllery
  5. Or you could try some ultraviolet nail varnish…just to see how you like the colour against your skintone. Butter London has a lovely shade Inspired by ULTRA VIOLET, called Iced Lavender this is a fabulous metallic lavender nail polish.

Blur Style have some great ideas of easy to wear combinations which you might like to check out for more inspiration.

It’s a very Royal colour too. If you search the internet you’ll see pictures of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge all wearing this colour as monochrome outfits. It does suit many complexions – as you can see on Tina Fey (in Atelier Versace at the 2016 Academy Awards), Viola Davis (in Giorgio Armani at the 2017 Time 100 Gala) and Sandra Bullock (in Bottega Veneta at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards).

Why not give ultraviolet a try?

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Add Colour to their Wardrobe ~ Greenery

Pantone Colour 2017 :Greeneryr Spring 2017

Greenery Pantone Colour 2017At first sight, some of your clients may find Greenery, THE colour of the year from Pantone a little overwhelming.

It can be ean eye popping shade of green but fortunately, it can be found in differing shades and tones so you’ll be able to helo them find one that really flatters their skin tone.

If  your customers are tired of the colour of their winter wardrobe, Greenery will offer a fresh new alternative, now that spring is really around the corner.


But the other colours?

Having had time to think about their colour choices I can see that it’s not going to be difficult to add any of them to an existing wardrobe.  At £34 the denim skirt from Top Shop has 4 of the colours in one go – making it a very versatile purchase when paired with T-shirts and tops in matching colours. It won’t show grubby marks either for those clients with babies and toddlers. (Although watch where those colours hit on the thigh as it might have a “widening” effect.)

Macs are all the rage for the spring and with a quick look on line you’ll easily find one to brighten up a rainy day. Shoes and accessories are a good place to start with a colour you’ve not worn before and if you’re really not sure – why not treat yourself to a new nail varnish. Help your clients find new colours for an updated spring wardrobe by offereing a colour workshop…

Silver~trending spring 2016

Silver There are many ways of adding silver to your wardrobe this spring 2016.

If you have a cool skin tone silver will really flatter your skin tone – but if you have a warm skin tone – here are some ideas to add it into your wardorbe.

Wear away from the face with a silver skirt or add to shine with your accessories.

Book Review: Face Paint Lisa Eldridge

Face Paint The Story of Makeup ~ Lisa Eldridge Face Paint

Publisher: Abrams £ 18.99
ISBN: 9781419717963 Hardback

“This is definitely not just a coffee table “how to” book but a truly inspiring guide to cosmetics.”

As many of you know I am a fan of Lisa Eldridge and so am excited that her first book Face Paint: The Story of Make-up is now published and receiving 5 star reviews.

She has extensive experience having been the creative director at Boots No 7, Chanel and currently Lancome. Her creative work is frequently featured on the covers of Vogue and Harpers to name but two and she works with the top photographers in the world.

The passion that has driven her stemmed from the first time she picked up a box of vintage cosmetics for five pounds in a market in London, resulting in her amassing a huge personal vintage collection with some items dating back 2000 years.

Using her 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has created a book filled with the history and origins of makeup, colours, trends and influences.

This is not a “How to Book” which was expected from Lisa given her experience and her videos and blogs. This is a history book. It’s not linear – each chapter has a theme. This means that you can dip into it – making it an ideal coffee table book.

There are two sections: The first is Ancient Palettes – featuring the colours Red, White and Black and Section 2 The Business of Beauty.

Her book was launched at Liberty on 13th October – and to advertise the book she has made a number of videos.

If you have a couple of minutes you’ll love watching this one – The Best and Worst Moments of Makeup in History. (Click the photo to be taken to You Tube and the Video)

Lisa Eldridge

I’m definitely adding this to my Christmas list this year – but if you can’t wait you can get a copy here: Face Paint – Lisa Eldridge





Spice up your life: MUSTARD

As hot as mustardMustard is a dark yellow color that resembles culinary mustard – it also is similar in colour to Flax. It’s a relative newcomer as colours go and was first recorded as a colour name in English in 1886.

It’s been out of favour as a fashion colour for a while but seems to be growing in popularity again and there are quite a few mustard items hitting the High Street at the moment – no doubt a reflection of the 70’s retro trends, which was when the colour was last popular.

Your autumn skin tone clients will love this shade and find it a welcome change from the orange and sage colours that they can wear so well. Here are a few ideas for adding it to their wardrobe to “spice up their lives”.

Author: Helen Kendall-Tobias