Are you ready to take your passion for colour to the next level and learn colour analysis?

Imagine transforming your love for colour into a thriving business where you help others shine by showing them how colour can enhance their lives.

Whether you’re balancing a job, managing a family, or simply seeking a new adventure, our Colour Analysis course might be the perfect fit for you.

If you dream of working in a vibrant environment and helping others discover the magic of colour, you might be considering a career in Colour Analysis.

However, you may have questions: How do you start? What should you learn? What type of course suits your needs? And, importantly, how much should you invest in your training?

With Training with Imagination and Colourflair, you can achieve your dreams of becoming a skilled Colour Analysis consultant. Our program allows you to study at your own pace, supported by a personal tutor throughout your journey.

Our Diploma in Advanced Colour Analysis offers a comprehensive curriculum using the unique Colourflair System, renowned in the industry for its five-element approach. This system enables you to accurately determine not only the basic skin tone but also secondary influences, providing a detailed and personalized analysis for your clients.

Our Home Study course means you can learn colour analysis from the comfort of your own home, saving on travel and accommodation costs. The course includes modules with assignments that blend practical work to ensure you master all the techniques. You’ll train your eye to detect subtle colour variations and build confidence as you progress.

Through this course, you will learn how to:

  • Conduct a personal Colour Analysis session that your clients will love and pay a premium for.
  • Use professional drapes to show clients how different colours affect their appearance.
  • Teach clients how to use their own unique colour fan.
  • Empower clients to confidently choose and wear colours that suit them.
  • Set up your workspace and market your business.
  • Attract your first clients and quickly recoup your course fees.

Our flexible programme fits around your existing commitments, allowing you to study without sacrificing your job or family time.

We focus on providing in-depth training to exceptional individuals, ensuring they can deliver the best Colour Analysis sessions available today. Our goal is to offer significant value to customers, making them truly understand and appreciate the power of colour.

Colour Analysis is a precise skill that cannot be mastered in a single afternoon. And our course includes practical work and assignments to ensure you thoroughly learn and apply your new skills.

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