“This is a fantastic in-depth course – Helen (my tutor) has been very supportive throughout. I am very passionate about colour now…Thank you!” LM 2018

“I really enjoyed the course. I lacked so much confidence with colour. Lots of positivity and quick responses from my tutor – Thank you so much I loved the course.” PF 2018

 “I’m so excited I have qualified 10 years later. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support and motivation. Looking forward to receiving my certificate.” MW 2019

“I feel confident and believe that the course notes are very comprehensive and not only enable me to undertake Colour Analysis session, but also to give practical and supportive information to my clients.” MM 2018

“Delighted to have reached this point and really enjoyed completing this course. I feel very positive about my business prospects as a Consultant. Thank you!”  JB 2011

“I have really enjoyed the course and had fun completing the Personal Colour Analysis and helping clients understand colour too. I think this is just the start of my colour journey and am looking forward, now I have completed the course, to dipping into some of the books on the reading list. Thank you!” HP

“I have found the course absolutely brilliant. Comprehensive and challenging, but still great fun and informative. I was confused about a few aspects at the start but it all slowly became clear, especially with the help and guidance of my Tutor. Thank you.” TH