The Top 10 Questions

you should expect to be asked as a Colour Analysis Consultant…

Colour analysis is trending in social media channels. Which is good news for a topic that, only a few years ago had gone very much off the radar…

There are many talented consultants with full time Colour Analysis businesses. However, I fear that this social media trend will have an unfortunate impact on a service which is both invaluable and which can be life changing for many people.

In addition, on-line shops have sprung up offering low-priced colour-cards and other items for colour analysis. These can be used by private individuals and those who are also not professionally trained and who are not qualified. I’m afraid that this is, and will have, an impact on the price that can be commanded, for what is a skilled service.

In the short term the skill of colour analysis will survive, in the longer-term it may once again become discredited, as it was in the 90’s

The Top 10 Questions

So, if you are considering becoming a Colour Analysis Consultant, these are the Top 10 Questions that your clients will ask and which you should be able to answer…over and above the price of a session…

  1. Which Colour Analysis company did you train with?
  2. Which method of Colour Analysis do you use Tonal or Seasonal?
  3. Did you complete your training?
  4. Do you have certificates to prove you qualified?
  5. How long ago did you train?
  6. How many sessions do you book each week/month?
  7. Do you have your own studio?
  8. Is your studio equipped with quality lighting/daylight bulbs?
  9. How long will the session take?
  10. Does the session have a full colour fan included in the price?

So, you may want to address the answers to these questions, if you are planning a website…for instance.

A professional colour consultant will have their qualifications displayed in their own studio. This needs to be set up carefully with good lighting – which is always difficult to provide if consultants offer a mobile service.

It takes time and practice for a good consultant to develop the necessary skills and insight. So if they are not being used regularly, these are skills that are easily lost. Above all, don’t expect to gain these skills in an afternoon or day course. Just as, you shouldn’t expect a good Colour session from someone who only works one day a month.

Our home study course can be started at any time and will give you the skills you need to run a successful Colour Consultancy. In addition, be prepared to pay for good training. Like a good colour analysis session, it can’t be done on the cheap.

But do make sure you can answer the questions…

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Original Article: H Kendall-Tobias December 2023