World Book Day: Colour Analysis Reading List

May 2019

Our colour analsyis reading list will give you plenty of ideas ans expand you knowledge acros his subject . But our Advanced Course in Colour Analysis contains everything you will need to qualify in Colour Analysis. However, once you have understood the Colourflair System fully, you might like to dig even deeper into the subject and generally find out more about colour. It’s a huge topic!

We do have a colour analysis reading list which we add to all the time. Some of the books that we have recommended in the past are old and some are even out of print. Never the less they are interesting books to look out for and read when if they become available, even if some of them are a little hard-going!

My personal bookshelf…

As well as the internet (Amazon and other specialist book sites) you may be able to find books in ‘remaindered’ bookshops, charity and second hand shops as there is always a chance that you will pick up something interesting at a really cheap price.

When we include a book on our reading list, it does not mean we necessarily agree with everything it says.

If you are a lover of books however, you will want to read whatever is available. We suggest you wait until you have a bit of experience with colour analysis before you delve into other systems – as there is a lot of confusing and sometimes contradictory information in the marketplace.

On world book day here are a few of our favourites on the broader topic “Colour”

Colour – various Editors (Grange Books) This is a lovely coffee table book if you can get hold of a second hand copy, and nice to dip into on a regular basis…so much information…

The Secret Lives of Colour – Kassia St Clair

The Beginners Guide to Colour Psychology Angela Wright