Accessorizing with Metals and Stones

Winter has an icy elegance to their complexion which is complemented by metallic accessories that mirror the season’s inherent brightness.


Jewellery in silver, white gold, or platinum should be chosen. These metals have the cool sheen that aligns seamlessly with True Winter’s profile. Their reflective quality enhances the natural high contrast of this season. It intensifies the striking interplay between their personal colouring and the crisp hues of their outfits.

The winter skin tone should steer clear of gold tones. This includes rose gold, which tends to warm up and thus clash with the cool blue undertones of their skin.

Dull or antiqued metals should be avoided as these lack the necessary lustre to truly harmonize with the True Winter aesthetic.

Jewellery for the True Winter should sparkle and shine. Pieces that are polished to a high sheen will serve them best.


As for gemstones, True Winter attributes are celebrated with stones that radiate boldness and chill.

Sapphires, diamonds, and amethysts are exemplary choices. These stones reflect light with an icy clarity that dovetails with their colouring. They should look for pure, saturated tones in these gems – the more vivid, the better. Consider settings that allow for maximum light reflection to capitalize on their bright sparkle. In this way, you’ll find pieces that not only accentuate thier natural beauty but also elevate their style with a splash of True Winter’s signature vibrancy.

Learning how to accessorize with metals and stones is part of the role of a personal stylist. But it all starts with seasonal colour analysis. You can find out more about the Winter Colour Palette in our Seasonal Colour Analysis 101 Article or train in colour analysis, with information here.

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January 2024