How long will it take?

November 2019

One of the questions I am frequently asked is how long will the Advanced Colour Analysis Analysis take to complete?

The answer isn’t always simple…when you sign on for a home study course it’s not the same as blocking out a week in your diary to attend a course. It depends on several things:

  • Your motivation to complete the course
  • How much time you are able to devote to your studies and of course – and what no-one can anticipate in advance
  • Whether you are interrupted by life-events such as illness or having to care for family members.

Late last year a lady qualified after starting the course 10 years ago. Of course she hadn’t been studying for that long – life had interrupted her plans. But she was thrilled when she finally finished the course.

On the other hand, I am just posting the certificate for a lady that started training in May 19, and another student, who started in October 19 – will complete very soon now – because she has been focused on the course ~ just 3 months.

This last student was very organised from the outset and set herself a study schedule and has stuck to it. While you don’t need to share your plans with your tutor, if you think you are the sort of person who may need to be held accountable and be nudged occasionally – your tutor will help with this.

The good news is that there isn’t a time limit on our courses. We want you to complete your training as soon as possible though so that you can get on with developing a business or move onto the next stage. The first year of tuition is included in your course – and we would hope that you would finish your course well within this time – but we’re flexible and will give you support while you are training should you need it…

Our new marketing materials include several “challenges” or exercises to help you get off to a quick start and our monthly newsletter is designed to further your knowledge of colour and always includes information on marketing that can be immediately translated into your business.

You will have your own personal tutor who is at the end of the phone or available by text or email – so if you do get stuck or are not sure on anything – you won’t have to wait long to have your questions answered. And you won’t feel on a limb or on your own.

We are not a franchise – so once you have finished your course it’s really up to you how you use it. We’d clearly love you to use your skills and offer Colourflair Colour Analysis sessions as a colour analysis can be life-changing for people. However, if you have other ideas, that’s also fine.

Why not email us and book a discovery call to find out more – and if you haven’t already requested our prospectus, there is a form at the bottom of this page. It will land in your email inbox within a few minutes. You’ll receive the information and a short series of email with more information and advice, that we hope you will find helpful in selecting your training provider. We look forward to hearing from you…