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The Association Newsletter is just one of the ways that we keep in touch with students and consultants. The newsletter is published just once a month and not only gives you important updates on new products and courses in our Trade Price List – but is also a way for you to understand more about Colour Analysis, hear industry news, as well as learning new skills which will be useful in running a successful business.

Monthly Colour Anaysis Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter

In recent newsletters we have featured Book Reviews, Product Reviews, run quizzes and word searches to complete with a coffee. We’ve given more training on elements of our course – as well as essential information when setting up your business with tips for voice mail messages and email signatures.

Our courses were recently updated to comply with information on how to work in a post Covid-19 world and a playbook, studio posters and a guidelines policy was circulated to our members as part of their membership.

It’s not the only way we keep in touch as we have a Facebook group which also has free downloads and information which we know our members find useful.

If you’d like to find out a bit more and get hold of a copy of our newsletter just drop me an email and I’ll send a copy of the pdf version to your inbox…no signups … just find out a bit more about us…email here

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