Train in Advanced Colour Analysis

with Training with Imagination and Colourflair

The Diploma in Advanced Colour Analysis is a detailed course, using the Colourflair System which is unique in the colour industry.

It is the only Colour Analysis system which uses five separate elements, to ensure you can accurately determine not just the basic skin tone but also any secondary influences. This is a seasonal system AND rather than just four seasonal options – which can be very limiting – it offers the flexibility to completely tailor seasonal colour fans to your client using the “16 Fan System”.

This is a Home Study course. Modules and assignments combine practical work, to make sure that you master all the techniques. You will train your eye to colour variations and develop confidence as you train.

Once you register for the course, you will be assigned a personal tutor. If you are purchasing through this website it will be myself (Helen Kendall-Tobias) a Licenced Colourflair Trainer.  I am only a phone call, skype, e-mail or text away. Please note however the materials are currently provided in English only.

The course materials are sent to you with your Essential Colour Analysis Kit on a flash drive which includes MP3 recordings for you to listen to.

With this course, you can work at your own pace. You can fit it around your job if you are working or suit yourself. There are 8 modules and assignments which take you through each step of a Colourflair Colour Analysis Consultation. Followed by a Personal Colour Study for everyone you analyse while in training.

As part of the Colour Analysis, you will also learn the fundamentals of cosmetics, salon hygiene and basic information on skin type, and make-up application.

An essential part of your learning will be how to set up your business, simple book keeping and how to market your business…and taking our advice, you will be earning while you train.

As many of the items you need are difficult to obtain, each Colourflair course has an essential kit of materials, which are supplied as part of your course.

For more details please request our information pack or call me, Helen on +44 (0) 7725 576472.

I look forward to hearing from you…

If you’d like to try before you buy, why not book a Power Call. This is a one-to-one session where you can see the materials, the kit and find out if we are the right training provider for you. There is more information on the Power Call here.