What do the course materials and colour kit include?

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Colourflair Diploma in Advanced Colour Analysis ~ Course Materials & Advanced Colour Kit

Your course is delivered to you in a sturdy box. This contains:

  • Our printed student magazine which will show you how to get started
  • Your course notes ~ 8 Modules for study, each with an assignment ~ provided as digital files
  • Miscellaneous printed items that you will need, some of which are pre-laminated for longevity
  • A set of drapes
  • A set of fans (for starters)
  • Miscellaneous items which will be needed to study but also used once qualified
  • Trade price List – for future studio purchases

The kit varies depending on which level you choose for your training. The easiest way to get all the information and make sure that you are comparing like with like is to request our training information – just enter your details in the form on the right.

If you’d rather talk to someone – you can book a no obligation discovery call with me or take pot luck and just give me a call (Helen) at Colourflair on +44 (0) 7725 576472