Membership Renewal 2020

Membership of the Association of Colourflair Consultants includes, a monthly newsletter with information and further training, discounts on the Trade Price List, a Free Listing on with a direct link to your website or social media pages, referrals received at our office/via the corporate website or through other consultants, and any outstanding marking of course work. It also provides you with Business Support and advice should you need it.

With a current licence you also have the right to retain your certification, and therefore to advertise yourself as a Colourflair Consultant. Without a current licence agreement, we would respectfully ask that you remove our name from your website and other social media accounts.

Membership of the Association of Colourflair Consultants will also give you discounts on new courses, ebooks, business challenges and webinars that are planned to roll out in 2020.

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