Emerald Green ~ The Colour of 2013

Emerald GreenEach year, Pantone, the leading provider of colour systems and technology for accurate colour communication, declares a particular colour the “Colour of the Year”.

Twice a year, the company hosts a secret meeting of representatives from various nations’ colour standards groups in a European capital. After two days of presentations and debate, they choose a colour for the following year; for example, the colour for summer 2013 was chosen in London in the spring of 2012. (more…)


Image Consultant or Stylist?

There are hundreds of different roles and jobs within the style, fashion and image industry. So finding which of the many roles may be for you (and in which to make a career) can be a daunting task. Becoming an Image Consultant is just one of the many careers in the style and fashion world. So what is an Image Consultant – and is it different to a stylist? (more…)