How long will it take?

One of the questions I am frequently asked is how long will the Advanced Colour Analysis Analysis take to complete?

The answer isn’t always simple…when you sign on for a home study course it’s not the same as blocking out a week in your diary to attend a course. It depends on several things:

  • Your motivation to complete the course
  • How much time you are able to devote to your studies and of course – and what no-one can anticipate in advance
  • Whether you are interrupted by life-events such as illness or having to care for family members.

Late last year a lady qualified after starting the course 10 years ago. Of course she hadn’t been studying for that long – life had interrupted her plans. But she was thrilled when she finally finished the course.

On the other hand, I am just posting the certificate for a lady that started training in May 19, and another student, who started in October 19 – will complete very soon now – because she has been focused on the course ~ just 3 months.

This last student was very organised from the outset and set herself a study schedule and has stuck to it. While you don’t need to share your plans with your tutor, if you think you are the sort of person who may need to be held accountable and be nudged occasionally – your tutor will help with this.

The good news is that there isn’t a time limit on our courses. We want you to complete your training as soon as possible though so that you can get on with developing a business or move onto the next stage. The first year of tuition is included in your course – and we would hope that you would finish your course well within this time – but we’re flexible and will give you support while you are training should you need it…

Our new marketing materials include several “challenges” or exercises to help you get off to a quick start and our monthly newsletter is designed to further your knowledge of colour and always includes information on marketing that can be immediately translated into your business.

You will have your own personal tutor who is at the end of the phone or available by text or email – so if you do get stuck or are not sure on anything – you won’t have to wait long to have your questions answered. And you won’t feel on a limb or on your own.

We are not a franchise – so once you have finished your course it’s really up to you how you use it. We’d clearly love you to use your skills and offer Colourflair Colour Analysis sessions as a colour analysis can be life-changing for people. However, if you have other ideas, that’s also fine.

Why not email us and book a discovery call to find out more – and if you haven’t already requested our prospectus, there is a form at the bottom of this page. It will land in your email inbox within a few minutes. You’ll receive the information and a short series of email with more information and advice, that we hope you will find helpful in selecting your training provider. We look forward to hearing from you…

World Book Day: Colour Analysis Reading List

My personal bookshelf…

Our Advanced Course in Colour Analysis contains everything you will need to qualify in Colour Analysis. However, once you have understood the Colourflair System fully, you might like to dig even deeper into the subject and generally find out more about colour. It’s a huge topic!

We do have a reading list which we add to all the time. Some of the books that we have recommended in the past are old and some are even out of print. Never the less they are interesting books to look out for and read when if they become available, even if some of them are a little hard-going!

As well as the internet (Amazon and other specialist book sites) you may be able to find books in ‘remaindered’ bookshops, charity and second hand shops as there is always a chance that you will pick up something interesting at a really cheap price.

When we include a book on our reading list, it does not mean we necessarily agree with everything it says.

If you are a lover of books however, you will want to read whatever is available. We suggest you wait until you have a bit of experience with colour analysis before you delve into other systems – as there is a lot of confusing and sometimes contradictory information in the marketplace.

On world book day here are a few of our favourites on the broader topic “Colour”

Colour – various Editors (Grange Books) This is a lovely coffee table book if you can get hold of a second hand copy, and nice to dip into on a regular basis…so much information…

The Secret Lives of Colour – Kassia St Clair

The Beginners Guide to Colour Psychology Angela Wright

So many books, so little time.”  ― Frank Zappa

On our sister website the World Book Day choice is “Fashioned from Nature”

Colour Analysis Fans

Colourflair Colour Analysis Fans have over one hundred colours, including tints, to help your clients understand the colours which best harmonise with their skin tone. You are supplied with four basic fans in your Colour Analysis Starter Kit – one for each season.

Unlike fabric swatches or fans produced by the four-colour printing process, these colours are pre-mixed precisely and then screen-printed onto the sheets.

The matt surface prevents the distortion of the colour by reflected light (which can be a problem with fabric swatches, especially if covered in plastic) and the colours do not fade with use. In fact we have found that the fans wear extremely well and they come in a plastic wallet for protection.

The fans, which are designed for wardrobe planning, also show the client the whole range of colours for checking against patterns and to juxtapose any two or three colours they wish to compare with each other. It is important to explain that harmonious colours which fall between the leaves, will be within the client’s wearable range. (This feature makes the fan ideal for planning interior decorating schemes.)

There are a variety of fans that you can give to your clients at the end of a Colour Analysis:

The Colourflair Standard Fan

Is just that – giving the classic colours of the season. You may add individual leaves from our Master Fan if a client looks particularly attractive in one particular colour, which is not included in the Standard Fan.

The Colourflair Master Fan

This is a collection of all the leaves from the four seasons in one large fan (a total of about 120) Each sheet is numbered and by using the code number you can purchase individual fan sheets giving you further options for personalising fans. Details on using these may be found in the Colourflair 16 Fan System Instruction Booklet which you will automatically receive with your course notes.

The Colourflair16 Fan System

Our Advanced system, know as the 16 Fan system will allows you to personalise a fan and to include any secondary influences that your client may have.

Corporate/Leisure Fans

If you work as a corporate consultant then you may wish to provide our Corporate Fans and then offer the Leisure Fans as an additional service.

More information on these fans may be found within our Trade Price List.

To request your copy please email

How to pay for Colour Analysis Training

How to pay for training

Are you thinking about training in Colour Analysis?

Does the price of training put you off? After all – how do you know whether you’ll be any good at it…Will it be a waste of your time and money? Will you be able to make a succesful business?

As well as training you in how to provide an accurate Colour Anlysis service which your clients will love, we dive in deeper into business planning and pricing your services in our Marketing module in the Advanced Colourflair Colour Analysis Course. But if you are only just starting to make enquiries into training then here is some helpful advice for you to think about.

1. Do your Research

It’s a good idea to research your local area. Even if you find a lot of other Colour Consultants local to you this shouldn’t put you off. The more the merrier. You are going to come across a wide range of pricing structures. For example, you may find Colour Analysis prices ranging from £35 to £150 or more. Please take a long hard look at what is being offered and how long the session takes, and how many people it is for. Is it one-to-one or a group session.

If you find consultants charging around £35-£75 for a 1.5/2 hour session then they possibly haven’t worked out their pricing structure properly and they may have hidden some of the costs of the session i.e. will charge extra for swatches and booklets etc. If these are included in the price, you may well be looking at a “hobby” or part-time business and the person running it is doing it for “pin-money”.

You could become a mystery shopper to find out exactly what is included and how quickly the consultant negotiates on a “package” price.

2. Get the price of your Colour Analysis service right

If you are going to start a business then getting the price of your service right will be an important part of your success regardless of whether you want to learn for a new hobby, or your own part- or full-time business. It’s all too easy to take a soft approach and undercharge for your service, and undervalue your skills.

3. Follow our advice

In the Advanced Colourflair Colour Course .we take you through the steps to pricing your service properly so that you can make a living out of Colour Analysis. But first we’d like to show you how easy it can be to cover the complete cost of your training course – before you finish training. Find out how by requesting our free download here:

Privacy Policy You will receive the pdf download and then a short series of emails answering other questions that new students often ask. You can unsubscribe at any time.

For more information about our course, please complete the form in the side bar to receive our course prospectus. If you’d like to book a no obligation Discovery Call, find out more here.

If you’ like o know more about our other courses, you can find them here, on our sister website.

Join our Association

As part of your course fees you will have membership of the Association of Colourflair Consultants for a year. Once you are qualified your ongoing membership will give you access to our digital monthly newsletter. Crammed with ideas for running your business, further training and news, the newsletter will keep you up to date. You’ll never feel that you’re on your own as the Association Membership includes a Facebook Group, and events and meet ups at industry events.

If you trained with another company/are an independent – but would like to join our Association do please ring Helen on 07725 576472 for more information.

If you were previously a Colourflair Consultant and are thinking of picking up your drapes again – please call Helen for information on how you can get back to business. We’d love to hear from you.

If you would like to renew your membership for 2020 please us this link:

Monthly E News for Consultants

E News Feb 2109

A monthly E news letter is how we keep in touch with our Colour Consultants as well as private FB group and phone and emails.

The Enews give us the opportunity to expand on topics in more detail, keep you up to date with our new courses and products and of course provide further ideas and tips for helping you to grow a really successful colour and style business.

There is usually a colour article, a style and fashion article and something on marketing or business related in each E news issue. Here are the “covers” of some of our recent issues to give you a feel of the newsletter…

Grey is the new black…

that is when it comes to choosing a car colour…although not if you live in Scotland where white is the new white.

Research published today shows that the popularity of grey has increased and surpassed the colour black for the first time. So if things are looking a bit grey around you when you are sitting in a traffic jam…it’s probably because they really are! By contrast silver…not unlike grey, a strong performer over several years, has now slipped out of its top 5 position.

According to Auto Car, of the 118 car colours available, English drivers registered 116 of them while Northern Irish consumers ordered only 53.

Another change in preferences happened with orange – up 37% year on year.

As a colour, orange is often used to draw attention to potential danger. Orange is used in traffic lights, as the second highest threat level in the USA and the black boxes on aircraft are in fact orange.

Orange has a high contrast on roads against blue grey asphalt, even in low light – so perhaps that is why people are choosing it – to be seen on the road.

There are so many interesting fact ot be discovered about colour and Kassia St Clair’s book “The Secret lives of Colour” is a lovely book to dip into and find out more about the origins and history of 75 shades, dyes and hues.

Periwinkle Blue In the News 2019

If you were asked to describe this colour you might call it lavender blue or pastel blue.

The name comes from a flower – the lesser periwinkle or myrtle herb (Vinca minor) and it’s a colour which falls between the blue and violet families.

It’s a relatively new colour as the first recorded use of periwinkle as a colour name in English was recorded in 1922.

Judy Garland wore this colour in the film “A Star is Born” in 1954 and if you’ve followed the Golden Globes 2019 you will have seen Lady Gaga wearing a fabulous Valentino gown in this shade, as homage to Judy.

Dessy Periwinkle Dress

It is very similar to the shade “Serenity” – pantone colour of the year in 2016 and it’s a popular choice for brides maid dresses.

If you’d like to try this shade without the Valentino price tag – you could try The Dessy Bridesmaid Dress Number 3014.

The Duchess of Cambridge has also worn a slightly stronger version of this colour to a friends wedding recently you can see an article here:

This colour will suit most skin tones. The brighter version worn by Lady Gaga will certainly flatter the Spring seasonal palette while the more muted colour worn by Judy (could be the age of the picture distorting the colour of the dress) will suit the Autumn skin tone. There are cool versions of this colour on both the Summer and the Winter fans. It can be paired with neutrals for shoes and accessories although complimentary apricot /peach shades work well for blusher, lipstick and nail varnish.

If you’d like to find out more about Colour Analysis and even train to be a Colour Consultant, you can find out more about Colour Analysis here.

Get some sleep!


You might think that this is a strange topic for a Style and Image Training Company to discuss…after all we usually discuss colour and style…but sleep?

Sleep is important for many reasons. Health is directly affected by a lack of sleep and ultimately can cause depression. It can also contribute to Type 11 diabetes and a greater risk of heart disease and stroke.

Sleep deprivation even over a short time, affects concentration, productivity and performance.

So if you haven’t been sleeping well, you may find that your concentration wanders as you read your training notes. Of course, when you are studying the mind is often full of ideas and you can easily go to bed with a head that’s whirring and find it difficult to switch off. This is also true when you are setting up a new business.

On the other hand, good sleep has been shown to improve problem-solving skills and enhance memory performance in both children and adults.

So by following a few simple steps you may find that you get a better nights sleep or that you wake feeling more rested and ready to start again the next day.

Do make sure not to study too late into the night and please remember if you are reading your coursework on an ipad or computer that the blue light will not help you to sleep. There has been a lot publicised about this recently so I’m sure you’ll be familiar with trying to turn off phones and computers a few hours before you go to bed.

A warm shower before bed can help to wind down and there a number of relaxing bath and shower creams that can be used to help you feel sleepy, as well as essential oils such as lavender.

Women sleeping in bed

Its also important to be comfortable in bed. To have the right type of pillow for your sleeping position and a duvet or blankets that keep you cosy but not too hot. If you do wake up try not to lie in bed worrying that you are not sleeping – you could find it helps to get up and make a warm drink. Although just lying quietly in bed will give you some rest.

Today celebrates the Festival of Sleep. Hope you get a good night! Zzzzzzzz…..

PS there are a few more ideas on our sister website in an article “Sleep…how to sleep soundly”.

Pantone Colour of 2019 Living Coral

Living Coral

Living Coral has been announced as the Pantone colour for 2019

“An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge” Pantone

Living Coral








I am thrilled that this is the colour of the year. Perhaps we could have predicted it! Opposite on the colour wheel to Ultraviolet and complimentary to the 2018 colour of the year – this is a hue that will suite so many people.

Its a colour that looks fabulous in a full length dress. A t-shirt or jumper. And of course Living Coral works well as an accent colour with blues and purples.

Easy to wear as a lipstick and pretty on spring and summer toes as nail varnish, this is a must have colour for any 2019 wardrobe.

Check out Chanel lipstick here look for Sari Dore and Teheran

Check out Opi Nail Varnish here look for Crawfishin and Santa Monica

Looking for a coral blusher the take a glance at NIP+FAB Make Up Blusher Palette in Blushed 1

Not sure whether this colour will suit you? Why not book a colour analysis with one of our qualified Colourflair consultants. Email us here to find out you local consultants details.

If you are interested in learning more about Colour Analysis, and training as a consultant please click here.

It’s going to be a lovely spring with Living Coral!