The Little Book of Colour

The Little Book of Colour is a new book for 2020 by Karen Haller. Like many of you with a fascination for colour, I am always on the lookout for new books to read on the subject. But as my bookshelves are full, I decided to download the kindle version of this book.

This book styles itself as the “definitive guide to using the power of colour to improve your happiness, well-being and confidence.”

The author, Karen Haller, builds on over 20 years of experience, of Applied Colour & Design Psychology. In this book she demonstrates the many practical ways in which you can use colour to transform your life. If you are updating your home decor or your wardrobe she gives you ideas to be inspired by the possibilities to:

-“Create a home that reflects your personality
-Grow your confidence in using colour
-Add colour to your workplace
-Choose clothes that express the true you
-Find your unique colour palette & design compatibility”

The blurb claims that this is the first book that mixes the science, psychology and emotional impact of colour, with Karen Haller taking you on a journey through rediscovering the joy of colour.

I found this book nicely written and easy to read – finishing it with two easy sessions in the evening. I can’t say that I learned anything new – but it’s a nice book to read if you are relatively new to the topic and a good refresher if you haven’t read much on colour psychology recently.

I did find it somewhat repetitive. There is obviously quite a bit of crossover between personal colour, the clothes in the wardrobe and the colours that you use in your home and at work…never the less I didn’t feel I’d wasted my money or my time. The hardback version is just £9.30 plus P&P and kindle £7.99. You can get a copy here: Enjoy!

If you would like t know more about Colour Analysis please see our article Seasonal Colour Analysis 101 . If you are looking for a Colour Analysis Course that you can learn at home at your own pace please see our page here.

World Book Day: Colour Analysis Reading List

My personal bookshelf…

Our Advanced Course in Colour Analysis contains everything you will need to qualify in Colour Analysis. However, once you have understood the Colourflair System fully, you might like to dig even deeper into the subject and generally find out more about colour. It’s a huge topic!

We do have a reading list which we add to all the time. Some of the books that we have recommended in the past are old and some are even out of print. Never the less they are interesting books to look out for and read when if they become available, even if some of them are a little hard-going!

As well as the internet (Amazon and other specialist book sites) you may be able to find books in ‘remaindered’ bookshops, charity and second hand shops as there is always a chance that you will pick up something interesting at a really cheap price.

When we include a book on our reading list, it does not mean we necessarily agree with everything it says.

If you are a lover of books however, you will want to read whatever is available. We suggest you wait until you have a bit of experience with colour analysis before you delve into other systems – as there is a lot of confusing and sometimes contradictory information in the marketplace.

On world book day here are a few of our favourites on the broader topic “Colour”

Colour – various Editors (Grange Books) This is a lovely coffee table book if you can get hold of a second hand copy, and nice to dip into on a regular basis…so much information…

The Secret Lives of Colour – Kassia St Clair

The Beginners Guide to Colour Psychology Angela Wright

So many books, so little time.”  ― Frank Zappa

On our sister website the World Book Day choice is “Fashioned from Nature”

Book Review: Face Paint Lisa Eldridge

Face Paint The Story of Makeup ~ Lisa Eldridge Face Paint

Publisher: Abrams £ 18.99
ISBN: 9781419717963 Hardback

“This is definitely not just a coffee table “how to” book but a truly inspiring guide to cosmetics.”

As many of you know I am a fan of Lisa Eldridge and so am excited that her first book Face Paint: The Story of Make-up is now published and receiving 5 star reviews.

She has extensive experience having been the creative director at Boots No 7, Chanel and currently Lancome. Her creative work is frequently featured on the covers of Vogue and Harpers to name but two and she works with the top photographers in the world.

The passion that has driven her stemmed from the first time she picked up a box of vintage cosmetics for five pounds in a market in London, resulting in her amassing a huge personal vintage collection with some items dating back 2000 years.

Using her 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has created a book filled with the history and origins of makeup, colours, trends and influences.

This is not a “How to Book” which was expected from Lisa given her experience and her videos and blogs. This is a history book. It’s not linear – each chapter has a theme. This means that you can dip into it – making it an ideal coffee table book.

There are two sections: The first is Ancient Palettes – featuring the colours Red, White and Black and Section 2 The Business of Beauty.

Her book was launched at Liberty on 13th October – and to advertise the book she has made a number of videos.

If you have a couple of minutes you’ll love watching this one – The Best and Worst Moments of Makeup in History. (Click the photo to be taken to You Tube and the Video)

Lisa Eldridge

I’m definitely adding this to my Christmas list this year – but if you can’t wait you can get a copy here: Face Paint – Lisa Eldridge





The Power of Glamour

The Power of Glamour Anette Talpert

Book Review: The Power of Glamour (The women who defined the magic of stardom)

Annette Tapert Aurum Press 1999

This is not a new book, and the copy I have just bought is a second hand old library book…

Despite the title it is not in itself a glamorous book. The cover has a black and white pencil drawing of Hollywood stars on the cover and all the pictures are B& W. Is that part of its charm?

I was hooked from the very first paragraph: Read More