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The Colour Yellow

      Spring is well and truly here in the UK and looking through my window I can see all the daffodils in my garden are in full bloom. It got me thinking about the colour yellow… Yellow is the colour of the sun, it brings happiness, it radiates Read more…

The Power of Glamour Anette Talpert
Book Review

The Power of Glamour

Book Review: The Power of Glamour (The women who defined the magic of stardom)

Annette Tapert Aurum Press 1999

This is not a new book, and the copy I have just bought is a second hand old library book…

Despite the title it is not in itself a glamorous book. The cover has a black and white pencil drawing of Hollywood stars on the cover and all the pictures are B& W. Is that part of its charm?

I was hooked from the very first paragraph: (more…)